Sport Face Masks

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Dark Hawk

It will stop 95% of all airborne particles from entering your lungs. 
Dual respiration valves provide comfortable breathing by reducing heat and moisture build-up within the mask. The valves close on inhale, and open during exhale so air only enters through the filter.

The adjustable nose clip allows you to shape the mask to your individual face. No more unwanted pressure on the bridge of your nose. With this adjustable clip you can make sure the mask sits snugly without causing any discomfort.

The Velcro buckles make it simple and easy to adjust the sizing of the mask. Fitting a head circumference size range from 21in to 25in (54cm to 64cm), we guarantee our mask will fit you just right. The ear straps make it so no matter how vigorous the activity, it won't slip off. Wear the mask while running, biking, cycling, etc. and you won't have to adjust it all day.
If the mask is worn daily a filter will last about 4 weeks. We recommend cleaning the filter every week (with warm water and soap) so it will last as long as 8 weeks. Once the filter is uniformly light brown, we recommend switching it with a new one.

Replacement filters available @ R50 each Ex Shipping

Sky Runner

The mask is designed with a double layer filtration for assured protection against all forms of pollutants and germs. The first layer is made to protect you from larger pollutants and particles; the second layer protects you against micro-organic pollutants and germs. Double layer filtration leaves no room for harmful infiltrations.
Made of breathable water resistant material, allowing you to wear them irrespective of your proximity with water and other liquid chemicals as you work or go about your business. You may sweat while wearing this but this will not affect the mask in any way.
The design of this ultra-premium mask takes into consideration your comfortability for which it is made in a one-size fits all flexibility that can be suitably worn for all face shapes and sizes, eliminating any hint of awkwardness. The breathable material ensures that the mask is light for your face and has a smooth feel on your skin.
The primary purpose of this mask is to protect you and others against viruses of all kinds. As an added merit, our ultra-premium mask will protect you from germs, dust, allergies, fumes, smoke, bacteria, chemicals, pollen, and all airborne pollutants. As the mask has no fibreglass or toxic materials nor offensive chemical smells, there is little possibility of contamination.

Our masks are sourced locally, so by purchasing one, you help keep SA companies in business.

Local pick up available in Western Cape in both Durbanville and Hermanus.

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